Museum of the architectural historical reserve Bozhentsi
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About Bozhentsi


According to the legend the village of Bozhentsi is with a history more than 600 years. The legend tell us about the noble woman Bozhana - in 1393 the capitol Tarnovo was conquest by the Ottomans, and Bozhana run away to the deep forests of the Balkan, next to a small river. She settled down on the north side of Stara planina and established Bozhentsi.

The village is located near to the old Roman road Nikopolis ad Istrum – Augusta Trayana – Constantinople. The rising of Bozhentsi was at 18th and 19th century. The merchants from the village traded in whole Ottoman empire, Russia, Austria, Italy. In the end of 19th century there are around 110 houses and 500 residents in Bozhentsi.

The Village-reserve

The specific historical development of the village creates conditions for preservation of the revival appearance until the middle of 20th century. After the Liberation most of the residents leave Bozhenti. That stops the cultural, economical and social development of the village. That helps to preserved the whole architectural and urban ensemble of one Bulgarian village from the Revival .Bozhentsi keeps untouched the atmosphere of the Revival with wonderful architectural examples from the 18th and 19th century.

Therefore, Bozhentsi is the only one Bulgarian village, that preserved the complete character of the Revival, which contains and stores in itself a valuable ethnographic and architectural monuments and urban ensembles, and therefore that the geographical location and climatic conditions allow him to be a resort and tourist site is declared a historical and architectural reserve.

On 6 September 1964 officially was opened architectural and historical reserve-Bozhentsi. In AIR "Bozhentsi" are open for visiting two museum houses – museum house „Baba Raina" and museum house "Doncho Popov", which present ethnographic expositions, Mengema-workshop for purification of wax, school in the church’s yard, Exposition hall at the New school and Old school exhibition hall.

The Church “St. Ilia” that was built in 1840 is connected with interesting story told by guides in Bozhentsi.


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