MAIR “Bozhentsi” opened an exposition for the 30th national children’s planner “A story come true”.

Today was the opening of the art exposition with paintings from the 30th national children’s plainer “A story come true”. The 30th anniversary of the plainer was held in honor of the 130th anniversary of Ran Bosilek and the theme of the paintings was “A story come true by Ran Bosilek”. The students and teachers of the schools that took participational went home with diplomas, anniversary mugs and the unforgettable experience of Bozhentsi. The works of art can be seen in the house of Doncho Popov until the 15th of July. The picture gallery traces every step of the process – from the creating of the art to the graduation ceremony.

DSC06904 пленер 2016DSC06906 пленер 2016DSC06910 пленер 2016DSC06911 пленер 2016