SHANGRI-LA FEST 2019 | Festival of dreams August 9-10th | Bozhentsi

August 9th

17:00 – 18:30 | SHANGRI-LA | performances & games | begins in front of the Old School

18:30 – 20:00 | NASKO (STEREOFOX CREW) | DJ trip hop and beat | village center

20:00 – 21:15 | AMJAD JAD | concert Syrian traditional music | village center

21:15 – 22:30 | KOTTARASHKY – NIKOLA GRUEV | DJ ethno party beat | village center


August 10th

10:00 – 12:00 | THE Art of Storytelling – How to Create and Tell a Good Story | workshop with Dimitar Uzunov | Old School

10:00 – 12:00 | How to make Arabic sweet pastries | workshop with Noor Hatib | House “Maria Savekova”

16:00 – 18:00 | Ludopedagogy – pedagogy through games from Uruguay | workshop with Kateryna Stoyanova | Old School

17:00 – 18:00 | DRUM circle with musical instruments from all around the world | workshop with Petar Yordanov – Buny from Oratnitza | Old School

17:30 – 19:00 | Shangri-La | performances & games | begins in front of the Old School

19:00 – 20:00 | NASKO (STEREOFOX CREW) | DJ trip hop and beat | village center

20:00 – 21:15 | Two Men Orchestra – Nikolay Ivanov OM & PETAR Yordanov – BUNY FROM Oratnitza | concert world music | village center

21:15 – 22:30 | Kottarashky – Nikola Gruev | DJ author ethno beat | village center


During the festival come and visit our food corner where you can try traditional food from different countries around the world.




Official Opening

31 July 2019 | 7pm | French Institute in Bulgaria | free entrance


Welcome to a meeting with the organizers, mentors and participants of the Summer Scriptwriting Base 2019 and learn more about this exciting event.

The Summer Scriptwriting Base has become in the past few years one of the most exciting events in its field in Europe. It is a unique combination of a educational forum, creative experience, and a rural retreat. This year it will again take place in the beautiful and authentic mountain village of Bozhentsi. The SSB2019 gathers twenty participants from around the world for ten days of intensive learning, creating, sharing and experiencing. This year’s participants and mentors come from seventeen different countries: Algeria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Russia, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Hong Kong, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania, UK, Denmark, USA and Italy.

Participants this year will learn interesting and innovative artistic practices such as interactive narrative design, site-specific theater, immersive experiences, urban games and interactive theater. The theme of the SSB this year is Shangri-La. Shangri-La is an imaginary place whose name first appeared in the early 20th century in the novel Lost Horizon by James Hilton. It quickly becomes synonymous with a paradise on Earth hidden somewhere in the mountains and isolated from the rest of the world.

The end of the Summer Scriptwriting Base will be celebrated with the Shangri-La Fest, which will be held on 9 and 10 August in the village of Bozhentsi.

The working language is English. More information:

Organizers: Arte Urbana Collective in partnership with MAIR Bozhentsi, French Institute in Bulgaria, CVS Bulgaria, Multi-Cult Team, Zip-Scene Conference, Kaimera Productions, Famille Mundi, Old is New and Bulgarian and with the financial support of the Culture Program Sofia Municipality.


Summer academy 2017

For the third consecutive year the Museum of architectural and historical reserve Bozhentsi is included in the Summer academy. The initiative Municipality of Gabrovo and the Local Commission for Fight Anti-Social Behavior of minors and non-minors and the participants are children from 1st to 4th grade. Especially for the students, the team of MAHR “Bozhentsi” prepared a variety of fun games and prizes.

31st National Children Plain air “Sbadnata prikazka”

In the week from 12.06 to 16.06 in AHR Bozhentsi  took place for the 31st consecutive year national children plein air “Sbadnata prikazka”. The participants were from  Art school “Razvitie” 1870 – Sevlievo, Art Studio “Shareni prasti” – Targovishte, Art school “Art linia” – Kazanlak and Art school “Art Popovo” – Popovo. The young artists had the opportunity to explore the exhibitions of the Museum of architectural and historical reserve Bozhentsi and get acquainted with the story of Bozhentsi. In the five days of plein air painting inspired by the architecture and preserved Revival spirit, kids made their works, which are now stacked in an exhibition. All participants received diplomas and gifts. Each visitor of MAHR “Bozhentsi” may examine the drawings in the house-museum “Doncho Popov” by mid-July.

MAHR Bozhentsi become a part of iLoveBulgaria – the official interactive platform for Bulgaria

MAHR Bozhentsi become a part of iLoveBulgaria. iLoveBulgaria is a new interactive platform, providing information on both: Bulgarian top tourist sights and special offers from local businesses. iLove mobile app offers citizens and visitors of Bulgaria a unique customer experience and provides access to a variety of attractive offers and loyalty programs. iLoveBulgaria is an international platform, developed in United Kingdom which uses the most advanced technologies, marketing and e-commerce concepts. This innovative solution brings together Ministry of Tourism, municipalities, businesses, citizens and tourists, and ensures a quick and easy information flow and improved service quality through tailored offering.

FE “Trakia” with magnificent concert in AIR “Bozhentsi”

Folklore ensemble “Trakia” have made real spectacle in Bozhentsi. The ensemble will be visiting today – the 24th of September, at the invitation of the Museum of architectural and historical reserve “Bozhentsi”. Orchestra, singers, dancers  showed colorful costumes and magnetic skills. All guests of the reserve were loaded with good mood and smiles.

You can experience the magic of their performance within the photos in our gallery.




DSC07985 Тракия 2016 DSC08001 Тракия 2016 DSC08003 Тракия 2016 DSC08010 Тракия 2016 DSC08028 Тракия 2016 DSC08032 Тракия 2016 DSC08058 Тракия 2016 DSC08070 Тракия 2016 DSC08123 Тракия 2016 DSC08139 Тракия 2016 DSC08143 Тракия 2016 DSC08151 Тракия 2016 DSC08154 Тракия 2016 DSC08160 Тракия 2016 DSC08172 Тракия 2016 DSC08198 Тракия 2016 DSC08201 Тракия 2016 DSC08206 Тракия 2016 DSC08233 Тракия 2016 DSC08239 Тракия 2016 DSC08256 Тракия 2016 DSC08258 Тракия 2016 DSC08284 Тракия 2016 DSC08311 Тракия 2016 DSC08321 Тракия

FE “Trakia” in Bozhentsi

41 years “Trakia” Ensemble gave thousands of concerts in all parts of Bulgaria and in 52 countries worldwide.

The ensemble performances come out within the framework of the traditional concerts and in a brilliant way disclose the vast folklore wealth from all ethnographic areas of Bulgaria. The exclusive charm and hypnotic stage effect are due to the syncretism of their performances: singing, dancing, music, rituals which are entangled into unique spectacle.

Since 1975 “Trakia” has been an innovator in music and dance forms and it has not even for a moment interrupted the bond between contemporary art and the deep roots of Bulgarian folklore, rituals and legends.

On 24th  September at 12:30 pm in AIR “Bozhentsi” they will present cost-free to the audiеnce part of their magic.

Тракия 2016-2Тракия 2016-3Тракия 2016-6Тракия 2016-7IMG_1676 Тракия

MAIR “Bozhentsi” is celebrating on september 6th with FE “Sivek”

On September 6th architectural and historical reserve “Bozhentsi” is celebrating 52 years since the announcement of the village as a reserve. Traditionally, the museum of architectural and historical reserve greets all guests of the reserve with folklore event. This year our guests will be Folklore ensemble ” Sivek .” The concert was dedicated also to the European Heritage Days 2016.

We welcome you on september 4th at 12:30 pm at the AIR “Bozhentsi” square to celebrate our holiday and national holiday – unification of the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia.


Glass tracery – gallery of creative workshops

We tangled colorful tracery of professional and amateur stained glass, paintings on glass and jewelry murano … And connect it reliably with many smiles and new friendships. Until we meet again, friends!

DSC07488 Стъклена плетеница DSC07490 Стъклена плетеница DSC07499 Стъклена плетеница DSC07503 Стъклена плетеница DSC07511 Стъклена плетеница DSC07514 Стъклена плетеница DSC07516 Стъклена плетеница DSC07519 Стъклена плетеница DSC07520 Стъклена плетеница DSC07522 Стъклена плетеница DSC07523 Стъклена плетеница DSC07525 Стъклена плетеница DSC07529 Стъклена плетеница DSC07534 Стъклена плетеница DSC07536 Стъклена плетеница DSC07537 Стъклена плетеница DSC07569 Стъклена плетеница IMG_9303 Стъклена плетеница IMG_9348 Стъклена плетеница IMG_9349 Стъклена плетеница Picture 034 Стъклена плетеница Picture 047 Стъклена плетеница DSC07507 Стъклена плетеница

Summer academy 2016

For a second year Museum of architectural and historical reserve Bozhentsi took participation in the summer academy. The initiative came from the municipality of Gabrovo together with the commission against underaged crime. The participants were children from 1st up to 4th grade. The crew organised many fun activities and events.

DSC06492 ЛА 2016DSC06888 ЛА 2016DSC06890 ЛА 2016DSC06892 ЛА 2016DSC06897 ЛА 2016DSC06898 ЛА 2016DSC06934 ЛА 2016DSC06935 ЛА 2016DSC06951 ЛА 2016DSC06952 ЛА 2016DSC07221 ЛА 2016DSC06592 ЛА 2016