FE “Trakia” in Bozhentsi

41 years “Trakia” Ensemble gave thousands of concerts in all parts of Bulgaria and in 52 countries worldwide.

The ensemble performances come out within the framework of the traditional concerts and in a brilliant way disclose the vast folklore wealth from all ethnographic areas of Bulgaria. The exclusive charm and hypnotic stage effect are due to the syncretism of their performances: singing, dancing, music, rituals which are entangled into unique spectacle.

Since 1975 “Trakia” has been an innovator in music and dance forms and it has not even for a moment interrupted the bond between contemporary art and the deep roots of Bulgarian folklore, rituals and legends.

On 24th  September at 12:30 pm in AIR “Bozhentsi” they will present cost-free to the audiеnce part of their magic.

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